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2019.6 - 2021.6

Computational genetics research focused on identifying causal variants at loci by fine mapping across multiple studies (MsCAVIAR) and tested on Type 2 Diabetes GWAS dataset. 

UQ Research snapshot-01.png

2019.8 - 2019.10

A research-intensive exchange program in Marine Biology and Terrestrial Ecology at The University of Queensland, where we were trained extensively on field research techniques followed by two group research projects that we planned and conducted by ourselves.

CSMR together.jpeg

2018.6 - 2020.4

Assisted marine geobiochemistry research on deciphering the cryptic methane cycle in salt marsh sediment. Proposed my independent project: Determination of Solid Ferric Oxide by Liquid Scintillation Counting (LSC).



9   /   20   /   2021

Identifying Causal Variants by Fine Mapping Across Multiple Studies manuscript was accepted by RECOMB 2020 (Padova, Italy), the 24th conference on Research in Computational Molecular Biology. It is currently published on PLoS Genetics.


12   /   06   /   2019

I was selected as a reviewer for Undergraduate Science Journal. My responsibility is to complete evaluation forms for review and research articles, including thorough review of figures, cited sources, and validity of scientific reasoning.


11   /   15   /   2019

Last year, I attended CGSI 2019, the Computational Genomics Summer Institute, 

SIGGRAPH 2019, the ACM-hosted conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques, and Tableau Conference 2019, a data visualization conference.

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